Wednesday, January 17, 2018

War is Coming

I received this word from the Lord during prayer this morning

"Tell my people that there is a war coming, very, very soon. When the spiritual war gets heavier, so will the physical. Tell them to prepare for loss. Do not be burdened, for I AM the Lord, and you will find protection and comfort in Me."

World war 3 is indeed on the horizon. Secret alliances are being formed right now, and plots are being hatched. Destruction is imminent, and time is running out. Many, many people will be killed in this war, and you will likely lose family and friends. Pray for the salvation your unsaved loved ones, as well as the unsaved that you don't know, and draw near to the Lord. Repent of your sins, and seek the Lord with everything you have in you. Spend time with Him every day, whether it be in worship or the Word, because there will come a time where the Bible will be outlawed, and you will have no Scripture to lean on except the ones that you store inside your heart. Take your relationship with Jesus, our one True Lord, very seriously, because you will have to stand before Him one day.

Take heart, and trust in God. This does not mean that the Lord will keep tribulation from coming, but that He will be with you and give you strength during that time. But you have to have a deeply rooted relationship first. People will suffer, and people will die during this war, especially with it being the end times. You may well be one of them. But if you get right with the Lord, walk in His ways, and obey His commands, you have nothing to fear. Remember, He already conquered sin and death.

So please, cry out to the Lord in prayer. He will answer you. Get right with Him, repent, and walk in His ways. That is the best way to prepare for what is to come.

May God be with whoever reads this.

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