Friday, February 16, 2018


"Pray for your loved ones now, all those who read this message. There is so very little time left. The war that has been building for a long time now will begin shortly, and many will be caught unprepared. Many will die in this war. It is imperative to pray for the sake of your loved ones that do not know Me, as well as those lost whom you do not know."

There is so much tension and violence in this world today, and it will increase more and more with time. The intensity increases every day. Much like the speed of a treadmill increasing, forcing the runner to run faster, the Body of Christ will endure more and more intensities as the days pass. But we have already won. Jesus paid all at the Cross. If you repent of your sins and faithfully obey Him with a humble and pure heart, you will be right in the eyes of God. So please, please, pray about all things and all events, in order to deepen your relationship with Jesus and to intercede for the lost.

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