Saturday, March 3, 2018

On my Heart

I am sorry for not posting here for a while. My life had gotten so busy, and I was beginning to doubt whether or not I should continue with this account. But the Lord has put it on my heart to warn people about what is to come. These are going to be the most difficult times this world has ever seen, and yet, few seem to notice it. And some who do sit back in silence.
 I am not judging the silent ones. I will leave that up to God. But the fact remains, for me, I feel that if I do not say something or at least try to warn people, that I will be guilty. Ignorance can cause many bad things to happen, but it is staying silent instead of taking action that is the most horrific killer of all. If I do not sound the alarm, will there be blood on my hands? Maybe there will be, maybe not, but either way, I will have to answer to God.
 So, I will proclaim this loudly here and my other site if it is the last thing I do: 
War is coming, very soon. Tribulation and persecution will start soon. Everything you know will come to an end. Repent of your sins, and cry out to the Lord, and He will answer you. Pray fervently for the unsaved you know and don’t know. Spend time in the Word every day, and study it. 
May God Bless you.

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